Ark Patch Notes for 176.0


  • Unversioned Update: Rewrote distance field shadowing for ~7 miliseconds per frame saved on Titan X. Should be significant for any other cards that have Distance Field Shadowing enabled.
  • Fixed remaining ladder climbing error
  • You can now walk all your dinos backwards – YAY!
  • Removed the Dino Inventory Slot limits
  • Raised the dino fall damage velocity threshold by about 33% and decreased fall damage by 33%
  • Upped the Argentavis’ Stamina by 150%, to better enable long-distance flight, it loses stamina when flying as the Ptera.
  • Blue Supply Crates that weren’t appearing are fixed.
  • From the backs of dinos, only doors are now activatable. Otherwise [E] will dismount.
  • Drop-All no longer drops equipped items (dino saddles etc)
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